EWL is the #Eventprofs unNetworking club, offering a refreshing, more effective, and more enjoyable way to establish and maintain business connections, and gain new business.

EWL organise unNetworking events that are a break from the norm, relaxed and friendly, and distinguished for squashing superficial, transactional exchanges in the name of ‘genuine connections’. In a nutshell we help event professionals build better client/supplier relationships.


Because we believe there’s no better way to gain trust than whilst engaged in open and honest discussion and debate, and when you approach business collaboration from an authentic standpoint, it yields better results.

Our aim is to encourage and champion our members and partners to not only build great business connections based on understanding, depth and substance, but to also develop innovative business ideas via stimulating conversation.

We believe in the concept “the whole is greater than the sum of its parts”, and our events work on the premise that the eclectic experience of everyone attending an event will always be greater than an individual or panel of people on a stage, allowing attendees to come away with a much clearer perspective on the topics discussed.

We also believe that business relationships should be allowed to emerge organically rather than forced, as you’re more likely to have a clearer understanding of an individual’s unique skill-set and how you can help and support them.

We all know that people buy from people, but people buy from YOU because of who you are, not because of what it says on your business card.

We hold monthly lunches, dinners, social events and showcases as well as online members only chats, and our event topics cover; event operations and production, event design, event marketing and audience engagement, event technology and innovation, continued professional development and health and wellbeing.

Check out what’s coming up on the event calendar.