network (verb)

gerund or present participle: networking

– interact with others to exchange information and develop professional or social contacts

An EWL event is far removed from your typical networking event; no need for formal name badges, forced referrals or uncomfortable cheesy elevator pitches, you can even leave your business cards at the office (in fact we openly encourage it!).

Having attended far too many tedious networking events with people endlessly forcing business cards at each other without spending the time to really get to know how they can help one another, our founder Helen Moon decided to launch a forum for the events industry that would take the pain out of networking.

EWL offers you a refreshing, far more effective, and more enjoyable way to establish and maintain your business connections.

Following the ideal of active or un-networking (the art of leading with ourselves and not our business cards), EWL signature and exchange networking events are a break from the norm. Relaxed and informal, open to planners and suppliers (no shameless selling allowed) our limited numbers and boutique feel allows you to really relax and spend quality time getting to know each other better.

Our events focus on peer learning and knowledge sharing and are held in London, Birmingham and Manchester.

Our aim is to encourage our members to not only build great relationships, but to also develop innovative business ideas together via stimulating debate helping to shine a spotlight on leaders and influencers at the forefront of their event businesses, and the rising stars and talent of the UK Event Industry.

EWL is about relationships: real relationships and friendships with real people who share a common goal and want to make a difference, and we believe that relationships and friendships are built on trust, reciprocity and a genuine commitment to helping and supporting each other.

We champion honest discussion around the topical issues important to us as organisers and professionals in the events industry, and since our launch in 2015 we have debated (in addition to others);

• Gender and diversity

• Event qualifications and apprenticeships

• Event wellbeing and mental health

• Event marketing, measurement and data

• Event design and curation

• Government backing and support 

EWL is unique as we’re the only specialised forum of this kind for event professionals, and there’s really no better way to build great relationships than whilst you’re engaged in open and honest discussion and thought-leadership.

Need more convincing? Here are some more reasons why you should join us.

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