posted on 25 september, 2015

We’re definitely on a roll now with another fantastic EWL Club lunch held last Friday.

The lunch was attended by a great mix of event professionals from 8 Northumberland, Baker and McKenzie, Chambers Travel Management, Last Word Media and Creative Technology, led by Eventopedia UK and held at the stunning Galvin Bistrot de Luxe.

Creative extraordinaire and BAFTA award winner Pete Davies led a great discussion on the emotive power of video, it’s challenges and the future landscape.

Pete opened up the discussion with the comment that when creating your content you should be brave enough to throw caution to the wind and “dare to fail” and also that timing is everything.

The best films and videos are based on story and there has always been something intrinsic about the fact human beings are hard wired for story, our love of story will always remain.

Story and information delivery have now become the same thing and on average there are 300 hours of YouTube content uploaded every minute, the rapid rise of Periscope was also brought into the discussion and people’s increasing demand for video content!

But what is the value of video? Mainly it improves engagement, and to give one very clear and proven example; average time spent on a website is roughly 15 seconds without video and 2 minutes with.

Video can also drive behavioural change with roughly 59% of executives preferring video to reading and it’s also estimated that 79% of web content in the future will be video.

We’re living in an information overload society and cutting through the noise is becoming paramount, purely due to the sheer volume of content we view and receive on a daily basis. More and more events are now using creative video to push the boundaries, a demand which is also lead by more discerning audiences.

Clients are demanding new media solutions and the biggest challenge is knowing there’s a need but not knowing what that needs to be. Therefore understanding your audience is critical.

Pete gave us some fantastic soundbites but this is my personal favourite “Video is not about following the crowd, it’s about being distinctive”.

A great lunch with great food and great conversation leading very nicely to next month’s EWL meet up with Kevin Jackson on creativity, Great Ideas Change Businesses…

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