posted on 18 september, 2016

Our September lunch was held at the stunning Restaurant Ours and expertly hosted by Susan Heaton-Wright of Viva Live Music, during which we discussed the importance and value of trustworthy relationships in the events industry.

Attended by event professionals from HCA Healthcare, Emerald & Mae, Beechleigh Promotions and Broadsword Productions, to name but a few, the proceedings kicked off with guests being asked to sum up what ‘relationship’ means to them in one word, the following were mentioned: honesty, personable, communication, trust, compromise, rapport, respect, reliability.

The Meetoo app was adopted for the event to drive engagement and interaction, with polling and questioning that asked for everyone’s views on the topic, the following questions and results were asked and received:

How are your suppliers selected?

Top answer – 70%:

Existing relationship with the supplier

2nd – 20%:

Recommendation from other event professionals

3rd – 10%:


Do you read the ‘rider’ requests on a supplier’s contract?

Top answer – 40%

Yes of course, and because Susan’s so lovely I’ll add 2 bottles of chilled champagne!

2nd – 30%

Yes of course, but I’m going to query a couple of points

3rd – 20%

What’s a rider?

Payment terms – how do you pay your suppliers?

Top answer – 50%

As per the suppliers’ payment terms

2nd – 30%

Nothing until the service has been delivered

3rd – 20%

A percentage before the event, the rest upon delivery

Payment terms – as suppliers do you apply the same payment terms to private events, corporates and not-for-profits?

Top answer – 70%

Depends on the event

2nd – 30%


During an event do you direct/give feedback to your suppliers?

Top answer – 100%


Feedback – Suppliers are an essential part of your event team, in the feedback process do you?

Top answer – 80%

Include suppliers in the feedback process

Joint 2nd – 10%

Only give feedback when it is mentioned in the feedback meeting or guest feedback form


Some interesting results, with general consensus around the table that the key drivers for the most successful relationships are, flexibility, transparency and delivering on promises made, all backed up by a real understanding of your suppliers/customers needs and cash flow, not forgetting the essential feedback process.

We’ll be at No Such Place for our next event with Fay Sharpe on Thursday 6th October, discussing gender and diversity, check out our future events page for more information.

See you next time!

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