posted on 20 september, 2016

We held our eagerly anticipated inaugural EWL North event and lunch at the stylish and newly refurbished Lowry Hotel on Friday 9th September.

Event professionals from CAT Publications, AR Experiential, Manchester Central, Etouches, Taylor Lynn Corporation and Make Events to name but a few, came together as founding members to enjoy an insightful and dynamic talk from CHS Group CEO, Emma Cartmell, on how to grow and develop an event.

The new look Lowry showed off what they could do with impeccable service and a fantastic menu which included; glazed Staffordshire pork belly with pepper & Chorizo salad and Asian seared monk fish with turnip puree, baby vegetables and and curried rosti, and then certainly surpassed themselves with the sweet treats served with coffee!

Emma’s key highlights from the discussion were:

  • An event can only grow by the number of visitors, not the number of exhibitors
  • Recognise the value of your advisory board – gives you brand equity
  • Recognise the value of your partnerships – beyond ‘sponsorship’
  • Build a great team and then get out of their way
  • Personal relationships and trust builds brand loyalty
  • Listen and then act on your feedback (also communicate that you’ve taken action)
  • Make sure you have the right tools (e.g. software)
  • Quality of visitors – having principles around not just filling a room
  • Know your pricing – stress test them by doing a budget with 10% less income and 10% increase on costs – make sure your team knows what happens to the profit when you do this
  • Let the competition fire you up – not put you into meltdown
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for help

The event professionals who attended had the following to say about the event:

“Really enjoyable event. Amazing food and service. Great networking – nobody doing a hard sell at all – just genuinely interested to discuss and learn about the industry we work in. I can see this group being a great support network if I needed ideas and solutions from like-minded professionals. Looking forward to the next one already.”

“The variety of attendees was excellent. I love meeting with industry experts and keeping up to date with trends, successes and even shortfalls… makes me realise it’s ok to leap and fail than to never leap. From a guest standpoint, content delivered, setting and refreshments it was spot on.”

“I met some new great contacts and learned about some of the challenges that a large event can present. Emma explained in great detail and with passion the behind the scenes issues that can arise (not that these were noticed at the event) and what attendees expect- all very invaluable. All in a very nice setting.”

“Fantastic event all round.”

Plans are already underway for the next exciting event, have your say and tell us how often you would like to see an EWL North event like this one on the calendar?

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