posted on 28 february, 2017

On Thursday 2nd February 2017, a group of innovative and passionate MICE professionals came together for EWL London’s mastermind coffee morning, and discussed trends that they saw in the rapidly-changing world of meetings and events.

Conversation flowed for the entire morning which was held in the lovely and convenient etc.venues Prospero House.

The key points of the conversation were about –

  • establishing relationships,
  • building transparency,
  • augmenting flexibility

Networking is absolutely crucial. It used to meet both fellow buyers and suppliers. Networking provides us with the product knowledge, tools and potential customers that we need to survive in the marketplace. Establishing relationships can also help with the expansion of one’s business across various cities and markets.

According to, Ann-Marie Rossiter, Head of Marketing Operations for Headbox, expanding a company across new cities is critical for enhancing brand awareness.

Headbox, currently represents 3.5 thousand venues in the United Kingdom. They are continuing to expand both in the UK and now abroad and this continual expansion keeps their product relevant in the marketplace.

Being an event planner also requires flexibility. One of the only things certain in the MICE world is that nothing ever goes exactly as planned. Event planners must adapt to new situations as they arise. In this case, the event planner must use their creative brain and think outside the box.

One example that was discussed was the idea of repurposing venues. If the client is willing to entertain new options, then the event planner can use their creative skills to come up with excellent alternative venues.

One attendee spoke about a women’s networking event that was held at a shoe store. This is a prime example of repurposing an existing venue into new and different event space. A lengthy discussion of the repurposing of venues ensued.

Transparency was another important topic that was discussed. If both buyers and suppliers are transparent in their dealings with clients, then business runs more smoothly.

Mark Maher, Director of Boulevard Events, suggested that all funding for an event shouldn’t be directed only to produce the event but it should also be used for marketing.

Marketing is an integrated process in which companies build strong relations with their consumers and employees. Every piece of content, visual or verbal, will showcase message points targeting a specific audience. This is especially true for event planners because they will need to advertise, and promote their event to increase awareness and profit for their event.

The world is changing as the Millennial generation comes into their own professionally. They have different expectations and requirements than those who came before them. By focusing on relationships, transparency, and flexibility, the event planner will be on the right path to meet those needs.

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