posted on 19 may, 2017

Being new to the events industry can be a daunting experience. How do you mark your mark? Prove your worth? Pick up on that enthusiasm and passion that everyone talks about and thrives on?

At EWL London we wanted to prove that we are friendly bunch and not as scary as we may seem, so we invited the friendliest faces of the industry and Event First Steps founders – Boulevard Events Sales Manager Priya Narain, ILEA Operations Manager Elena Clowes and GPJ Junior Marketing Strategist Caitlin Kobrak – to talk to us about getting your career out of the starting blocks.The key messages from the event which was hosted at etc.venues The Hatton were:

  • The importance of networking

– It’s good to go on your own!

– Understand why you are going/who you might want to meet before you go (do your homework)

– Be open minded – understand you may not necessarily get a job out of it but you never know who you might meet

– Good for building relationships – people will remember you the next time you meet them

– Elevate career through people and networking – it isn’t just about your years of experience

  • Important to be yourself and not wear ‘a mask’

– Your personal brand is so important – people buy in to you and not necessarily the company you are representing.

– Create a good perception of yourself

  • Be active on social media

– Meeting people on social media is an effective tool for developing and advancing yourself.

– Your social media profile doesn’t always have to be ‘work’ related but can be personal too to demonstrate your personal identity and ‘brand’

– Lots of groups, communities, relevant #s out there linking up the event industry

– Post relevant and interesting content is important – LinkedIn for more professional but others like Instagram, Facebook for more personal

– You don’t necessarily need a lot of social media experience. Little and often is good, and you simply need to post things that are relevant and you think people would want to hear

– Starting interactions is important to build networking socially – “putting yourself out there”

– Sharing insight is a good way to meet people and make connections

  •   Value of mentoring

– Doesn’t have to be an official programme

– Have the confidence to ask someone you admire/respect and trust to be your mentor. Can be more informal like meeting for a coffee

– Learning from others is important

– Peers advice is a much value as networking – learning from peers

– Don’t be afraid to ask people questions and for help

  • Undertake a 360 review style

– Ask your peers what their opinions are of you – you might be surprised!

– Understanding how you operate, what people think of you might help you to approach work better

– CV on LinkedIn very important, but what you can offer is more about what is written on paper. Big value in being interested and connected with things – helps you develop personal brand and portray yourself better

– A lot about who you know rather than what. You never know what connections you have to people that might create leads/opportunities for you

What are your thoughts? How did you make your mark in the industry? Do you agree with the above and what changes do you think are necessary to drive the industry forward in terms of supporting and encouraging new event professionals?

Leave us your thoughts and comments below…

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