EWL London Chapter April Exchange

Date: Thursday 19th April, 2018

Time: 4.30pm to 7.00pm

Venue: BMA House, London

Good food, great networking and a topical debate on the Event Industry.

Agenda & Timings:

4.30pm to 5:30pm: The Networking Hour

5:30pm to 6:30pm: The Debate Hour

6:30pm to 7:00pm: One for the road, and optional venue tour

The Debate Hour Topics

  • Operations; What makes you influential and a good leader?
  • Diversity; Sexual harassment in events and the workplace; when no means no!
  • Marketing; Using partners to market your events, what is the future of event sponsorship?
  • Business Development; Effective prospecting in a connected world
  • CPD; Investing in young professionals and the future talent of the industry?
  • Technology; Facial recognition; benefit or creepy?
  • Creativity; How learning to deal with stress can make you more creative!
  • Innovation & Trends; AI at events; chatbots and personalised recommendations, does it really work?
  • Wellbeing; How to be more confident and assertive in the workplace

Who attended:

  1. CEO, Realise
  2. Event Manager, PwC
  3. Director, Broadsword Event House
  4. Chief Talent Office, YOU search and select
  5. General Manager, EMA (Event Marketers Association)
  6. Event Partnership Manager, Airfinity
  7. Operations & Events Manager, WSTA (Wines and Spirits Trade Association)
  8. Events Manager, Baker McKenzie
  9. Key Account Manager, Northumberland Events
  10. Senior Sales Executive, Northumberland Events
  11. Director, Stormont London
  12. Client Development Director, Live Recruitment
  13. Key Relationship Manager, Slido
  14. Operations Director, SHOWSLICE Ltd
  15. Executive Producer, Byline Festival
  16. Director, Private Dining London
  17. Membership Network Manager, ACCA

Event Sponsors & Partners

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For any questions about this event, it is best to reach us at team@ewlclubuk.com or use the contact form below

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