Date: Friday 20th October

Time: 1pm to 3pm

Venue: To be announced (Midlands)

Enjoy Lunch and a topical debate on uncertainty in the events industry.

Join us for our second new look EWL exchange lunch. You’ll have the opportunity to spend time networking and connecting with your peers and over a delicious buffet lunch, followed by a topical debate led by our guest hosts and industry experts.

No-one likes talking politics however, it seems our visits to the polling booths have been none stop the past couple of years, and it’s a topic very much on everyone’s minds. What with Brexit – what will the outcome be? The recent general election – is this current government sustainable? The world stage – global terroism and the threat of war!?

All of this has naturally created uncertainty in the economy with investors and businesses jittery about what the outcome and possible policy changes could mean for them, so what can and should we be doing as an industry to protect ourselves, our colleagues and our businesses in the current political and economic climate?

This event is perfect for:

More details coming soon…

The conversation will be:

More details coming soon…

Who are our ‘Guest Hosts’:









More details coming soon…

What’s included:

You’ll get a dining experience with knowledgable industry experts whilst enjoying a two course buffet lunch with wine and coffee, plus shared knowledge from a relevant crowd of events industry advocates and peers

Who’s coming:

We’ll be updating the guest list as we go along – watch this space

Why should you attend:

More details coming soon…

Join the Event!

Save the date whilst we finalise the event details for you to book your place

For any advance questions about this event, it is best to reach us at


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