Date: Friday 29th September

Time: 1pm to 3pm

Venue: 8 Northumberland Avenue

Enjoy Lunch and a topical debate on wellbeing in the events industry.

Join us for the first of our new look EWL exchange lunches. You’ll have the opportunity to spend time networking and connecting with your peers and over a delicious buffet lunch, followed by a topical debate led by industry expert guest hosts.

Event Co-ordination was cited as the 5th most stressful career in 2016 and a recent #EventWell17 survey found that 1 in 3 event professionals will suffer from an episode of mental illness at some point in their lives, as well as 75% citing the pressure of workloads and responsibilities as the main reason for their workplace stress. What are we doing as an industry to combat this?

This event is perfect for:

If you’re a team manager or business leader and responsible for the wellbeing of your employees, delegates and stakeholders, and an individual who would like to know how to support your colleagues and peers, as well as take care of your own wellbeing and mental health.

The conversation will be:

You’ll join us for a post lunch discussion on wellbeing in events as we debate and put answers to the following ‘big questions’?

Q: How big is the mental health problem in the events industry and where are we falling short in terms of our own, our colleagues and our stakeholders wellbeing?

Q: How can we take better care of ourselves, our colleagues and our stakeholders, and still deliver results?

Who are our Industry Expert ‘Guest Hosts’:

Our first guest host is EWL’s very own Managing Director Helen Moon. Helen has worked in the events industry for 20 years and was herself diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder in 2009. Despite her diagnosis she has carved out a successful career in events recently cited as a top 100 mover and shaker and a top 60 event industry influencer.

Helen is trained in stress management and wellbeing from the standpoint of both a professional and a patient, is also co-founder of #EventWell17, the industry’s first official UK Event Wellbeing Week. She will be sharing current industry stats and figures in regards to stress and mental health, key outcomes from the EventWell 2017 campaign, in addition to her own experience of managing a mental health condition and working in the events industry.


Laila Datoo, our second guest host has more than 15 years’ experience leading and managing a wide range of global events. These include political summits for the UK prime minister’s office, government roadshows and C-suite congresses. She is now focused on business operations, working for companies to build and develop successful, bullet-proof operational structures. Laila is currently the COO at Last Word, a global B2B financial services publisher and content provider.

Many years working in high-pressure environments led to inevitable burn-out. A three-month career break reignited Laila’s passion for understanding and addressing why stress occurs in the workplace. She launched a Wellness Week at Last Word in January which was a huge success and has developed into an annual program. A qualified yoga teacher and trained in mindfulness and meditation, Laila now teaches a weekly yoga class, runs a mindfulness program and leads forums to improve the wellbeing of event teams and event professionals.

What’s included:

You’ll get a dining experience with knowledgable industry experts enjoying a two course buffet lunch with wine and coffee, plus shared knowledge from a relevant crowd of events industry advocates and peers

Who’s coming:

Claire Ledward – Business Development Manager – Hawthorn

Nel Flint – Operations Manager – Capita Travel & Events

Why should you attend:

You’ll pick up valuable skills in recognising stress and mental health illness in a colleague, or yourself and what the future holds for the industry in terms of wellbeing and stress management.  You’ll share knowledge and tips on how to work smarter, manage workloads and better handle pressure to consistency deliver results.

Join the Event!

Places are limited so we recommend booking early

EWL Members £24.95 per person – Book Your Place

Non-Members £39.95 per person – Book Your Place

For any advance questions about this event, it is best to reach us at

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