The 1st of EWL’s new look exchange lunches was held at 8 Northumberland Avenue on the 29th September, a return to the venue we held the first ever EWL event seemed fitting for our new look and rebranded exchange events.

The event hosted by EWL Managing Director and EventWell Director Helen Moon, and Last Word Media COO Laila Datoo, only skimmed the surface in terms of wellbeing and the rising challenge of mental health in the events industry and certainly could have extended well into the afternoon.

Following a delicious lunch served in Boyds at 8 Northumberland, the wellbeing debate covered career burn out, pressure from management, lack of support from management and colleagues, the pressure we place on ourselves, industry attitudes and work/life balance, all of which can contribute to poor mental and physical ill health.

Here are a few highlights from the event:

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A great follow up to UK Event Wellbeing Week held on 18th to 22nd September 2017, we’ll be continuing the event wellbeing debate and raising awareness throughout 2018 with a series of complimentary workshops for EWL members, watch this space…

We’re looking forward to the next EWL exchange debating uncertainty in the event industry on October 20th at Hotel Indigo Birmingham.

(Photography credit – Sandeep Rai Photography)

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