We held our first exchange of 2018 in the stunning Painters Hall in the City of London on the 18th January. With the venue being one of the oldest livery companies it was the perfect setting for a debate on the future.

Our guest host for the afternoon event was Bold CEO and Future in 15 host Caleb Parker, who led an interesting debate on the emerging trends we can expect to see in 2018.

What did we learn? Here’s a little video we put together for you…



Our top trends for 2018 are:

  • Attendees are no longer satisfied with events being one dimensional and this is driving a new generation of event brief
  • Organisers are moving away from the traditional and we are seeing more innovative event and venue design, multi-sensory experiences are also becoming very important
  • Influencer marketing will become mainstream but is it really sustainable, who is it really for and who does it really benefit? Venues and destinations, or corporates and planners?
  • Smaller meetings are on the rise driven by attendees looking to contribute on a personal level and make an impact
  • User generated content will become a key driver for personalised experiences both pre, during and post event

What are your thoughts? Do you agree on the above? What do you think are the emerging trends we need to watch out for in 2018?

Leave us your comments below and check out our next Exchange in Birmingham on 15th February where we’ll be debating ‘Influencer Marketing’ with MPI Belgium President and Word of Mice Founder, Mariska Kesteloo.

EWL February Exchange | Birmingham | Thursday 15th February 2018

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