My immediate reaction to the Financial Times story on the Presidents Club charity dinner was one of shock and dismay.

Anyone who works in the events industry whether they be employees, freelancers, contractors or volunteers has the right to be able to carry out their duties in a environment that is free from bullying, intimidation, harassment or victimisation and to be treated with dignity, respect and courtesy, whether that is in the office or onsite at an event.

Anything less than this is simply not acceptable in our industry, either now or in the early 80s when this event began and continued for a further 33 years whilst a blind eye was turned for the sake of money, status and ego, and in the name of charity.

The Events Industry that I am incredibly proud of, and worked in for 21 years, does not condone or endorse any type of behaviour of this nature, nor do our members. It saddens me that the actions of a privileged few may have tarnished the incredible work done by so many of my fellow professionals and peers.

If you have been a victim of or experienced any of the above behaviour there are organisations that can support you, these include Citizens Advice, Bullying UK, National Bullying Helpline UK, and ACAS.

You can find more details on all of these organisations at, you can also email if you would like advice and they will be able to point you in the right direction.

Let’s make a united stand to show that behaviour of any nature that is derogatory to our basic human rights is no longer acceptable not just in our industry but also in our society, no matter your gender, sexual orientation, age or religion, and let’s start to bring those who may think otherwise, and those who continue to look the other way to account.

Best wishes

Helen Moon


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