A small group of dedicated and passionate event professionals gathered in Birmingham on Thursday 15th February to talk about ‘social media influencers in the MICE industry’.

I was invited as the speaker, the host to lead a campfire session of #Eventprofs Who Learn (EWL Club) at Innovation Birmingham Campus. I am not quickly nervous but didn’t have any idea how to prepare for this session (there is a first time for everything) as it was all organically led on the day, and although it’s my passion lots depends on the input and collaboration of the participants. It can be very surprising what questions the participants will ask. Anyway, being a bit nervous is good for the adrenaline!

And it worked! It turned out to be very interactive, participants were willing to share their questions, to come to sit next to me in the circle to talk about their experiences, which was for me the most rewarding part.

After a warm welcome by EWL CEO Helen Moon, she handed it directly to me. Starting with a brief introduction from my part, where do I come from, how and more important why did I launch my company Word of MICE, to pass it afterwards over to the participants. You never know who has the courage to join me in the circle to ask the first question. Thank you Joanna for taking the lead and to share our entire process, how to go from a request, collect relevant data from the client, find the right influencer and create together a successful campaign. It sounds all very simple but the entire process is very time-consuming and of course a tailor-made procedure.

Also I was surprised that none of the participants were actually using micro-influencers to achieve their goals, either for their own company, or within the company they work. Besides the power of micro-influencers and it’s potential and especially the possibilities was very unknown. And last but not least, micro-influencers should be an integral part of your strategy, on which we received interesting reactions on the Twitter chat #ewlhour. Innovation, sustainability but especially creativity, story-telling and emotions are key to stand out from the crowd nowadays. For me another mission to continue my presence on stage and to continue to spread the word!

One of the most beautiful quotes I heard was the tugboat and the lighthouse. We are now the tugboat but we all should become the lighthouse and attract with our mission, our values, the right people, and clients in our harbour or destination.

A big thank you for your invitation EWL, and I’m already looking forward to your Annual Exchange on 21st July in Birmingham.

• Sterke punten aanhalen

• Tugboat and the lighthouse

• The potential is unknown

• Strategy is important


Passionate founder of the word of MICE, public speaker and President of MPI Belgium.

Mariska is the engine behind the ‘Word of MICE’ who finds the right social influencer for your region, city, convention bureau, hotel or venue.

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