It’s amazing how many people spend their time at networking events speaking entirely with people they already know.

After all, the whole point of leaving your office should not only be to meet up with your existing contacts but also meet new people or learn new things you might not otherwise know?

To ensure you always make the most of your time at networking events we’ll be sharing a few blogs over the next few weeks and coming months with some ideas and suggestions you can take to your next event with you.

Every event you attend should be approached with a plan, agreed?

Here’s our first batch of top tips to help you do that:

• Search the event agenda and hashtag the people you’d like to meet who are attending or speaking and challenge yourself to connect with each of them.

• Instead of joining the packed crowds of people talking to speakers after they are on stage, set up time to talk to speakers a few hours before they go on.

• Can’t snag time with them? Write a compelling blog about their talk to help spread their message and insight, they’ll be sure to get in touch post event (or at least they should do).

• Try going over and beyond to help someone or some people, maybe start with the list that you create above or start with your immediate network, and once you’ve warmed up your helpful muscles expand your reach at each event you attend and watch the returns over time.

• Resolve to follow new people you meet on Twitter and LinkedIn post event, just the act of engaging, following and continuing the conversation will help open your perspective and lead you to some peers worth learning from as well.

Networking has the power to drive opportunity for connection, career growth, creativity, and collaboration if done right, but like so many other things in life you get out what you put in. We love this quote at EWL “To succeed in this world you have to be known to people.” and never is this more true than in the events industry.

What are the best networking tips that you have ever received, and what are the worst? Share them with us below…


Helen Moon is an Event and Marketing Director with 20+ years event logistics, operations, sales, marketing and communications experience in the events industry. Founder and CEO at EWL Club, Managing Director at EventWell and Co-Founder of UK Event Wellbeing Week, Helen is also a member and alumna of the Chartered Institute of Marketing and is passionate about the crazy and inspiring world of events!

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