Networking is one of the most important business activities in the development of new business and building relationships.

For many people a networking event is a time to ‘sell, sell, sell’, we’ve all experienced them, and as a result they wonder why they get the cold shoulder.

If you’re new to networking, or even not so new and not a huge fan, then you’ll want to know the most effective way to make the most opportunity at such events.

Networking can in-fact be counter-intuitive, but is certainly a skill that can be learnt once you understand the ‘rules’ and the process.

If you find it tough the best solution can be to find yourself a mentor.

The most successful networkers do not sell at all, people simply gravitate to them, and pass them business from their circle of business contacts.

Over the next couple of weeks we’ll be sharing with you EWL’s 7 secrets to effective business networking.

Watch this space… Secret No1 will be revealed on Monday!

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