Date: Thursday 27th September, 2018

Time: 6.00pm to 9:00pm

Venue: The Eventprofs Exchange – Brand Exchange, London

Join our September exchange and spend time connecting and exchanging knowledge in fantastic surroundings with your peers and colleagues, with great unNetworking and a topical debate on working in the Events Industry.

Agenda & Timings:

6.00pm to 7:00pm: The unNetworking Hour

7:00pm to 8:30pm: The Knowledge Hour (and a half)

8:30pm to 9:00pm: One for the road (optional venue tour)

The Knowledge Hour Topic:

This is where YOU are in the driving seat!

EWL members and partners curate the content at each of our exchange events choosing from a selection of hand-picked topics that cover anything from event operations to innovation and the latest trends.

There are a selection of topics to choose from below. Select your preferences when you book your place and we go with the top 2 (max 3) choices from everyone attending for our campfire knowledge sharing discussions during the knowledge hour.

You can select as many as you like from the following:

  • Event Operations & Production; How do you manage the supplier/planner relationship if it is becoming challenging, for the benefit of delivering a great event?
  • Event Marketing; Are people becoming more ‘flaky’? If so, how do we flake proof our events?
  • Business Development; Relationship based selling v Consultative selling v Transactional selling, which delivers results in the events industry?
  • Event Design; Can becoming more mindful and present support and inspire your creativity?
  • Wellbeing; What are the secrets to eating well and sleeping well as an #eventprof?
  • CPD; How do we support industry talent in order to retain industry talent?



GUEST  – £55.00
CIM MEMBER – £45.00
STUDENT – £25.00

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For any questions about this event you can contact the event team by using the contact form below

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