Broadsword Event House

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Award-winning and offering innovative design, precise planning and expert delivery, Broadsword Event House builds exciting and responsive live event experiences that drive action and create impact. A lot of our event planning goes unnoticed, and that’s just the way it should be. One team. One experience. Think of us as a team of technical translators and a safe pair of hands, knowledgeable and friendly, that you can trust to deliver all aspects of your live event from beginning to end. Operating as a total event production house, we become an integral partner for communications teams and take ownership of a wide array of events on a global scale.

With our passion for storytelling, we bring concepts and ideas to life in fresh and engaging ways with the advantage of knowing how display technologies work and how to integrate with them. Our in-house Scenic Department can design, build and install backdrops and bespoke structures which are both practical and visually stunning. With the best in camera equipment, all filming and post production, is serviced from our in-house London graphics house and editing studio, for use pre-event as part of a campaign, during an event or post event.

Our vision drives our business: To bring to life thoughts, ideas and dreams, so that they can be shared with others. We produce brilliant shows.


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