Networking can be a daunting experience for some people, not everyone likes to be centre of attention or has the confidence to be able to walk into to what can effectively be a room full of strangers and ‘work the room’. Besides which, the old concept of ‘working the room’ and trying to come away with as many business cards as possible is swiftly becoming more and more unpopular with many people who regularly network.

So how can you as the event organiser make it simpler and pain free for your attendees to gain as much value as possible from your networking events? Over the next few weeks we’ll aim to help you answer this question by sharing a few tips on how you can build engagement and interaction.

First up…

1. Make the introduction process really simple and fun.

Introducing yourself and engaging in small talk when you meet someone new does not come naturally to some, in fact it can make a lot of people feel really uncomfortable.

So make it simple with some interactive and fun games at the start of the event to kick things off.

A simple thing to do can be a badge swap!

The idea here is to give each attendee as they arrive someone else’s badge and ask them to find the person who has their badge. They can then be asked to answer 2-3 questions to get their badge back. The person who’s badge they have been given has to find them and so on.

A simple activity like this means that your attendees will walk away from your event having talked to at least 2 different people who they probably would not have talked to without a push or prompt, but not only that they’ve walked away with some interesting information about those people which will aid their relationship building and make it easier for them to engage in small talk the next time they meet.

Simple! Watch out for our next top tip next Friday…

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