Networking can be a daunting experience for some people, not everyone likes to be centre of attention or has the confidence to be able to walk into to what can effectively be a room full of strangers and ‘work the room’. Besides which, the old concept of ‘working the room’ and trying to come away with as many business cards as possible is swiftly becoming more and more unpopular with many people who regularly network.

So, how can you as the event organiser make it simpler and pain free for your attendees to gain as much value as possible from your networking events?

Last week we gave an example of how you can make the introductions really easy for your attendees by incorporating some interactive game elements such as badge swapping.

This week we’ll explain how you can help your attendees make those vital connections with our top tip number 2…

2. Help people to make connections!

Do you send out a guest list in advance of your networking event? If not, why not? 

The purpose and value of attending a networking event is the opportunity for your attendees to meet new people and build on any existing relationships, so make it really simple for them to do that by providing the information they need to prepare and do a bit of homework in advance of the event.

A guest list in advance is worth its weight in gold to any networker. They can prepare questions that will help them learn about others, enabling them to hold mutually interesting conversations, in turn making it easier to share the information they want to.

Best impressions are the ones that appear effortless and it’s also a great way of putting attendees at ease with one another.

Watch out for our next week’s top tip…

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