The Evolve Programme is the all-inclusive talent development programme from EWL Club UK, incorporating peer to peer knowledge sharing and the concept of ‘paying it forward’ to support emerging talent, whether you’re a graduate, an apprentice or simply looking to get ahead and seeking guidance in taking the next step.

If you’re looking to further your career in events then we can match and introduce you to some of the industry’s best established talent from within the EWL member network.

We’ve been supporting the new talent of the events world with their career development since October 2016 and our mentors and coaches are of a very high calibre and represent a wide variety of roles and expertise in events, from corporate and association planners to creatives, venues and event tech suppliers.

EWL members can apply to the programme at any time, and whether you’re young or old, female or male, novice or pro and at whatever stage you may be in your career and event journey.

If you are passionate about events, your development and your future career then Evolve is the programme for you, if you are equally passionate about fostering the rising stars of the event industry and paying forward your valuable knowledge and experience then we also want to hear from you.

For more information visit The Evolve Programme website.