Welcome to EWL!

When I launched the EWL network 4 years ago it was from a personal need for a community where event professionals could go to their event industry peers for knowledge, advice and assistance with challenges and issues they may be facing, in an open, honest and relaxed environment and setting.

We have since grown to a community where agency and business owners are able to sharpen their business skills and those of their employees, as well as enhance and add to the services they offer their clients.

Where freelancers and consultants are able to distinguish themselves in the events industry.

And, finally where an employee is able to distinguish themselves at their place of employment by picking up tips, ideas and inspiration on how to enhance their skills and the events they organise.

Being part of the EWL family will help you increase your skill set and your business, increasing not just your own capabilities but those of your team, scaling your business, providing value for your clients, retaining and training your talent, keeping you sharp and one step ahead of the competition.

Why? Because you will be sharing thought processes, ideas, innovations and creative insight with your fellow members and event colleagues, and in an engaging and dynamic environment of live debate and discussion.

Attending an EWL event will probably be the most valuable 2 hours you will spend out of the office, as you’ll come away with valuable data and a clearer perspective that you are not likely to gain from other events, and all whilst building authentic and genuine connections and relationships.

How we communicate is changing, how we conduct business is changing, how we network is changing. EWL is about unNetworking; leading with yourself and not your business card, and when you approach networking and business development from this viewpoint it yields much better results.

I really hope you enjoy your time with us, and remember that you get out what you put in. Please don’t expect to walk away from 1 event with a pocket full of business cards and leads, that is not the EWL way. The more time you commit to building valuable relationships and engaging with your EWL colleagues the more you will be rewarded.

Best wishes

Helen Moon – Founder & Director

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